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    1. Yancheng Jinye Chemical Co.,Ltd.

      Yancheng Jinye Chemical Co.,Ltd. is a new type high-tech chemical enterprise. Located in Binhai in Jiangsu Province, known as the homeland of calligraphy, our company is near to the airport, railway,and port.

      Our company occupies an area of 60mu, and it engages in imidazole, chlorophenols series products and hydroxyphenylhydantoin series pharmaceutical intermediate. The annual output of imidazole is 2800 tons, chlorophenols products is 2000 tons and hydroxyphenylhydantoin is 5000 tons.

      Sticking to the operational philosophy of "Create career with credit,making development by innovation",we survived by quality, and lead by technology, and constantly increase the investment on technology and innovation. We established a modern technological research and development center, which realized the combination of manufacturing, studying, and research.

      We put emphasis on the environmental protection, and invest on hardware facilities to pursuit high quality,quick start, high level, and sustainable development. Our company has won the honor of "Yancheng Sanitary Enterprise".

      Add: Ninghai Road, Chemical Industrial Park, Binhuai Town, Binhai County, Yanchneg City, Jiangsu
      Post code: 224555
      General Manager: Chen Guomei
      Tel: +86-515-84383999
      Fax: +86-515-80980266
      E-mail: jinyechem@jinyechem.com;
      Url: www.pixelorgan.com
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